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Dnevnik slams Slovenia's Covid status checking system


Ljubljana - The newspaper Dnevnik offers congestions at Slovenia's border crossings with Croatia last weekend as a proof in lambasting Slovenia's management of the coronavirus epidemic and in particular the system used to check Covid-19 certificates.

"The developments on the Croatian-Slovenian border at the weekend are yet another in a line of indicators demonstrating how unsuccessful we are in 'dancing with the virus', in managing the epidemic in a way to protect health without trampling on basic human rights and freedoms," writes the paper under the headline So Much About Free Movement Across Border.

After the EU's internal borders were closed during the first year of the pandemic, the paper says the conduct should have changed by now, noting promises by European leaders that the EU's digital Covid certificate would secure free movement.

"If the system to check digital Covid certificates inside our country has turned into a burlesque, why would it not do the same at borders? And it has," the paper writes, offering an anecdote by one passenger in support of its claim.

It goes on to offer Austria as an example of a Covid certificate checking system that works, wondering whether Slovenia can apply a similar system at borders, hospitality establishments, sports events and schools.

"Sometimes you get the feeling some people in Slovenia simply enjoy reintroduction of (restrictive) Covid measures. Some do because of the bonuses and others to abuse political power. The collateral damage is hours-long delays at borders," the paper writes.


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