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Almost 6% of this year's tourist vouchers spent


Ljubljana - In just over two weeks since this year's tourist vouchers became available, Slovenian residents have spent almost EUR 11 million, or almost 6% of the available sum which totals EUR 186.78 million, the Financial Administration (FURS) told the STA on Tuesday.

Between 16 July and 2 August, 147,867 eligible residents redeemed EUR 10.81 million in vouchers for tourism, culture and sport, or 5.8% of the total sum.

Adults have received EUR 100 and minors under 18 EUR 50 in vouchers that can be used for paying for accommodation, at restaurants and bars, bookshops, museums and concerts, as well as to hire sport equipment or go to the gym.

The vouchers were introduced in the latest emergency coronavirus law, which brought measures worth EUR 243.5 million.

Apart from the 2021 vouchers, some residents have yet to spend the vouchers from 2020, which were introduced under the third coronavirus emergency law.

Back then adults received EUR 200 and minors EUR 50 in vouchers, which translated into a total of EUR 356.86 million.

FURS data shows that EUR 1.17 million or 46.5% of these vouchers have already been redeemed by around 57% of the eligible residents.

Both types of vouchers, from 2020 and 2021, expire at the end of this year. Beneficiaries can keep track of the state of their credit at FURS through a mobile app.


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