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Govt ensures vaccine for foreign citizens

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Ljubljana - The government decided on Friday to make the vaccine against Covid-19 available to foreign citizens temporarily residing in Slovenia who are not entitled to it under the national vaccination strategy. 5,000 doses will be available for this purpose.

Foreigners who do not have permanent or temporary residence here, have no medical insurance, are not employed with a company seated in Slovenia, and are not diplomats accredited to Slovenia will now be able to get vaccinated in the country.

The decision comes after vaccination centres have witnessed interest of these citizens in getting vaccinated, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) said after the government correspondence session.

General rules applying to coronavirus vaccination will apply to this group of foreign citizens, who will also be able to choose the vaccine if there is enough of the vaccine of their choice. The cost of vaccination will however not be covered by the state, but by the foreigners themselves.


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