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New group of firefighters heading for N Macedonia

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Ljubljana - A new rotation of Slovenian firefighters headed for North Macedonia on Tuesday to replace a group of around 50 of their colleagues who have been fighting wildfires in the Berovo area since last week.

The group that left for North Macedonia counts 43 firefighters and 9 civil protection members responsible to make sure their work on the ground is safe and efficient, according to the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration.

The current rotation numbers 48 staff and 17 vehicles. The latter will stay in North Macedonia for now and only staff will be replaced. The new rotation is expected to return to Slovenia on 17 August.

The Slovenian firefighters have been fighting the flames in difficult conditions for 12 hours a day. They work in two groups; "when one group is battling the fire, the others can rest", said Marko Adamič, the operative head of the second rotation.

He noted the importance of keeping the firefighters safe and healthy. Only one has so far suffered a minor injury while repairing a fire engine.

The situation in North Macedonia continues to be very serious. "The fire is raging at virtually the same spot that the first rotation had headed to. The wind keeps changing direction, and air humidity remains low, which is sustaining the conditions for the spread of the fire," said Janez Bordon, the head of intervention in the second rotation.

The firefighters in the latest rotation come from the northern Primorska region.


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