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Dnevnik welcomes regulation of electric scooters

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Ljubljana - Dnevnik welcomes in Thursday's commentary new rules which regulate the use of electric scooters, hoping riders will embrace them to improve safety in Slovenian streets. The newspaper says that better road safety starts with all traffic participants becoming aware of the new rules and complying with them.

When a Dnevnik reporter started investigating the (un)lawfulness of electric scooters in mid-2019, police and the Infrastructure Ministry tried to persuade him riding electric scooters was allowed. But he was right, as they were banned under the poorly written legislation and police should have been issuing fines as high as EUR 500.

A rapid increase in these light electric vehicles in Slovenian streets, especially on pavements, overtook decision-makers, who only caught up with them with the latest changes to the traffic safety law, which entered into force on Wednesday.

But the hardest part - compliance with the new rules of driving only on areas designated for bicycles and a helmet for under 18s - is only just coming.

Complying with the new rules is not important only for pedestrians but also scooter riders. Police statistics show scooter accidents have been increasing, with more than half caused by scooter riders, who have often sustained injuries.

Dnevnik also hopes the new rule mandating helmets for minors, which are however also recommended for adults, will contribute to fewer broken bones.

It says there is nothing wrong with electric scooters, on the contrary, they are a handy means of transport in cities, but just as any other vehicles, they can become problematic because of those who ride them.


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