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Govt endorses accords with several countries on joint border patrols


Ljubljana - The government has endorsed technical agreements with Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on joint patrols and other forms of joint action to manage illegal migration on Slovenia's border with Croatia.

The agreements, closed by the Slovenian Interior Ministry and police with the corresponding authorities in the countries concerned, were endorsed by the government at a correspondence session on Thursday.

A release issued after the session said the agreements tackle at the technical level concrete cooperation with the police force in each country in deploying border police in anticipation of an increase in illegal migration.

Agreements with police forces in individual EU member countries are seen as a way o prevent major challenges resulting from illegal crossings of the Slovenian-Croatian border.

Joint action is managed by the Slovenian police force and the border police officers deployed by other countries follow its instructions. They are deployed in the area of Slovenia.

Slovenia has been cooperating with police officers from other EU countries in managing illegal migration on the border with Croatian for a while now. In May 21 officers from Poland, Lithuania and Estonia joined Slovenian police in the border region of Bela Krajina. Slovenia also has joint border patrols with Italian police on the border with Italy.


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