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Transit passengers need to produce Covid certificate after 22 August

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Ljubljana - The government decided on Friday that passengers transiting through Slovenia will not be required to produce a Covid certificate only until 22 August. "As of 23 August, transit will no longer be possible without meeting the recovered-vaccinated-tested rule (PCT) rule," the government said.

If they want to avoid being ordered to quarantine for ten days in Slovenia, transit passengers will have to produce a certificate proving that the have either recovered from Covid-19, tested or vaccinated.

So far, there were certain exceptions for quarantine, including for transit passengers who leave Slovenia within 12 hours after entering it.

However, the decree adopted by the government yesterday evening says that this exception will be in force only until 22 August.

If a person who has residence in Slovenia enters the country, this is not considered as transit, but entry with the intention to go home, the government said.

For now, the exceptions apply to children younger than 15 accompanied by persons who meet the PCT rule, owners or renters of property on both sides of the borders, cross-border workers and persons performing international transport services.


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