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Reporter says Marjan Šarec was at his peak long ago


Ljubljana - Reporter says in its latest commentary that Marjan Šarec, the former prime minister, is trying to establish himself as the leading politician on the left while he is clinging on the brink of political relevance as he is far from his peak from four years ago, when he entered the political arena.

Commenting on the letter from the president of the LMŠ party to the remaining three centre-left opposition parties, the weekly says that Šarec hopes that he would become the prime minister-designate after the next election.

"Public opinion polls predict that he will pass the parliamentary threshold, although with lower support than three years ago," adds the commentary headlined First on the Left.

With the proposed post-election coalition agreement, Šarec is trying to establish himself as the leading politician on the left, at least in the eyes of voters, while his potential partners are aware that his arguments for primacy on the left are running out of steam.

Reporter notes that the problem is that the current centre-left had its shot at running the country, and that the people saw what this is like. Consequently, they will vote for someone they perceive as something new or at least not connected with Šarec, Social Democrats (SD) head Tanja Fajon and the rest of the crew.

"And they will consequently be disappointed when the new face unavoidably starts forming a coalition with this group," concludes the commentary.


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