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Centre-left opposition should step up, says Finance


Ljubljana - If the antipode to the Janez Janša government is all that centre-left opposition parties can offer in their election campaigns, that is slightly disappointing, says the business newspaper Finance on Monday.

The campaign ahead of the 2022 super election year is kicking into gear as the Marjan Šarec Party (LMŠ) has extended an invitation to the other three centre-left opposition parties to "form a coalition under the principle 'as long as it's not Janša'".

If this repeat of the previous election campaign is all these parties can offer, "that is a slight disappointment", says the commentary under the headline As Long as It's Not Janša - Is That All Šarec & Co. are Capable of?.

Finance notes that the Janša government has made many mistakes in the past year and a half, including losing trust and support in record short time, but one would still expect more from the opposition. After all, if they are all the same, it would be better to join forces as a single party.

The four parties should present their plan for tackling Covid-19, problems in healthcare and inflation, and their take on taxes and housing policy. "Are the opposition parties capable to directly condemn paying out Covid bonuses in the public sector?"

"Slovenian politics could be criticised for its lack of vision for some time now. Coalitions formed along the lines of 'as long as it's not Janša' are just another step towards this direction."


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