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LMŠ announces no-confidence motions against environment, justice ministers


Ljubljana - The opposition Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ) has drafted motions of no-confidence in the environment and justice ministers, Andrej Vizjak and Marjan Dikaučič, and has already shared them with fellow opposition deputy groups. The announcement comes a day after the SocDems (SD) announced a similar motion against the education minister.

Vizjak is alleged to have broken the law, ignored the fundamental environment principles and excluded experts when drafting the waters bill, LMŠ deputy group leader Brane Golubović told the press on Wednesday.

He said the motion had been sent to the SD, the Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB), the Left and unaffiliated MPs on 6 August.

The motion against Dikaučič, who became minister two moths ago, was written a while ago and sent to the fellow deputy groups today. The LMŠ believes that as minister, Dikaučič had proved to be a rather poor guardian of the rule of law.

Golubović highlighted his action regarding the non-appointment of European delegated prosecutors (EDP) and "keeping silent when the unconstitutional bill on infectious diseases was being adopted".

Dikaučič joined the government on 15 June to replace Lilijana Kozlovič, who resigned after the government annulled the EDP procedure.

However, for the LMŠ, the two key ouster motions are the ones against Vizjak and Education Minister Simona Kustec, whom the opposition criticises for lack of action regarding the new school year amidst a deteriorating epidemiological situation.

The motions will be formally tabled once the centre-left opposition has agreed to do so, said Golubović.

The three planned motions will bring the total number of no-confidence motions against ministers in the Janez Janša government to eight.

All five ministers who faced motions of no confidence so far - the interior, economy, culture, labour and education ministers - have successfully survived the votes.

A motion was also filed against Agriculture Minister Aleksandra Pivec, but by Prime Minister Janša, yet it was not even discussed due to Pivec's earlier resignation.


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