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Mladi Levi ambitious despite epidemic, founder's death


Ljubljana - Several venues in Ljubljana will host from today until 29 August the 24th Mladi Levi (Young Lions) international festival, which the organisers have billed as ambitious despite the epidemic and the recent death of its founder Nevenka Koprivšek.

Bunker Institute's acting director Alma R. Selimović has said at a recent news conference they wanted it to be ambitious and most of all, not to be designated as post-Covid or post-Nevenka.

Three shows are planned for the first day apart from socialising and a concert by Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian group Maika this evening.

One of them will be Cultural Exchange Rate, a project in which Lebanon artist Tania El Khoury speaks about the role of different borders.

The other two will be French Philippe Quesne's Farm Fatale, a performance about an ecological catastrophe, and Croatia's Siniša Labrović's Closet, a durational performance pointing to isolation.

A fresh take on theatre will be presented by Nina Rajić Kranjac in a six-hour Solo performance, a co-production of Slovenia's Maska and the SMG theatre.

Belgian artists Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere will present Pleasant Island, a show of documentary theatre about a small Pacific Ocean island.

One of the highlights as pointed out by Bunker will be Croatia's Matija Ferlin's three-hour show Sad Sam Matthäus.

An interesting event to name but a few will be the FORSALE Auction House of Performing Arts, as part of which artist Lea Kukovičič will be selling Ich Kann Nicht Anders, a production by the Slovenian theatre collective Beton Ltd.

The festival will also feature a two-day Debate Cafe discussing care in the field of culture, an exhibition of socially-charged verses, and a pop-up book market.

Visitors will have an opportunity to stop by at Nevenka Grove, which will open on 24 August on the green in front of the Tabor Sport Association to cherish the memory of Nevenka Koprivšek (1959-2021).


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