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Janša says EU will not open humanitarian corridors to Afghanistan


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša said on Sunday the Eu would "not open any 'humanitarian' or migration corridors to Afghanistan" or allow the repeat of 2015.

"We will not allow the repetition of the strategic mistake of 2015. We will only help individuals who have helped us in the course of the NATO mission and EU member states that protect our external border," he said on Twitter.

In a different tweet, he said that it women are organising and fighting the Taliban in certain parts of Afghanistan, so should men. "It is not the duty of the EU or Slovenia to help and pay everyone on the planet who is fleeing even though they could fight for their homeland."

Slovenian officials have repeatedly said in recent days that only those who worked for the military in Afghanistan would be evacuated and helped with resettlement, the rest should be helped in Afghanistan's neighbouring countries.

One Afghan translator and his family have already arrived in Slovenia, a second one is trying to get to Kabul.


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