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Another two hospitals admitting Covid patients

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Celje/Golnik - The Golnik University Clinic and the Celje General Hospital joined today the country's largest hospitals, UKC Ljubljana and UKC Maribor, in admitting Covid-19 patients as Slovenia is entering deeper in the fourth wave of the epidemic. The hospital in Celje has already admitted the first three patients, all of whom need respiratory support.

The Celje hospital has 15 beds ready for coronavirus patients and another five in intensive care, the hospital's director Margareta Guček Zakošek told the STA on Monday.

The Covid unit has been organised as part of the infectious diseases department.

In the next stage, the hospital will have 30 regular and nine ICU beds, while in the third stage, it could treat up to 167 Covid patients and another 22 in intensive care.

The hospital has meanwhile a shortage of nurses, having 5% fewer nursing staff than in the second and third waves. At the moment, it could hire around 35 nurses, Guček Zakošek said.

The Golnik clinic, a leading Slovenian hospital in allergology, clinical immunology and pulmonology, has 21 beds, of which six in intensive care,

The first Covid patients are expected to be admitted this evening and in the coming days. To secure enough staff, the hospital has suspended some less urgent services.

Seventy-five coronavirus patients were in hospital in Slovenia this morning, of whom 51 at UKC Ljubljana and 24 at UKC Maribor. 18 need intensive care.


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