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Domestic and foreign tourist figures even out in July


Ljubljana - Slovenia's tourist accommodation providers recorded some 767,500 arrivals in July and 2.3 million overnight stays, show fresh data by the Statistics Office. The figures for overnight stays by domestic and foreign tourists have evened out as the latter total was up by 55% in July year-on-year.

Slovenian tourists accounted for 54% of all July overnight stays and foreign tourists 46%, show data released today.

There were 361,000 arrivals by domestic tourists, down 11% year-on-year, and 1.2 million overnight stays, down 12%.

On the other hand, foreign tourist figures were up in July year-on-year: arrivals increased by 63% to 406,500 and overnight stays by 55% to more than a million.

Compared to June, the number of arrivals rose by 105% in July and the number of overnight stays by 124%. Slovenian tourists generated 45% more arrivals and 77% overnights stays, and foreign tourists 223% and 228% more, respectively.

Most foreign tourists came from Germany (21%) and the Czech Republic (12%), followed by Hungary (9%), Austria (9%) and the Netherlands (7%).

Most of them stayed in municipalities with mountain resorts (35%), coastal municipalities (27%) and spa municipalities (19%).

In the first seven months, tourist accommodation providers saw about 1.3 million arrivals, down by 15% on the same period in 2020, and some 4 million overnight stays, a 13% decrease. Almost 60% of the overnight stays were generated by Slovenian tourists.


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