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Demokracija warns against taking in migrants en masse


Ljubljana - The weekly Demokracija says in its latest editorial that Muslim migrants will arrive in Europe en masse in the coming months given the situation in Afghanistan, same as they did years ago coming from Syria, but the EU should not repeat its mistake by taking them in.

"The migrants would want the West to allow them to practice their religion, so thousands of mosques and musallas will be joined by thousands more due to the 'sensitivity' of the liberals. And when it comes to Islam, these people are no different than the Taliban."

Demokracija claims the arrival of these migrants "does not mean they would have to live by the rules of Western democracies". They see Europeans as infidels that should be converted, but if that does not work, they would try to destroy them.

"Taking in 'refugees' from Afghanistan en masse [...] would mean stepping up the suicide of (Christian) Europe, repeating fatal mistakes that the West started making half a century ago (the oil crisis) and has been repeating until today as it always apologetically utters "Mea culpa" whenever there is a crisis in the Middle East or Africa."

"Western Europe (core countries) is getting increasingly unrecognisable", not only because of an influx of foreigners and foreign cultures but also due to a shortage of common-sense morality, says the editorial under the headline Only Heaven Knows ...


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