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Govt and Ljubljana expand cooperation agreement


Ljubljana - A cooperation agreement between the government and the Ljubljana municipality which was signed in May has been expanded by additional 21 projects. Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković and Public Administration Minister Boštjan Koritnik signed the amendments on Friday.

Both Janković and Koritnik highlighted successful cooperation with the minister, noting that the agreement paved the way for the capital's further development.

The initial agreement featured 29 projects of the 2020-2023 period. The government has earmarked EUR 13.7 million for their realisation.

Janković does not expect all open issues between the state and municipality to be resolved in the next two years, however he thinks the agreement has laid the groundwork for progress.

The amendments feature 21 projects from fields covered by the government secretariat and five ministries, including the Public Administration Ministry, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Interior Ministry, Health Ministry and Infrastructure Ministry.

Among other projects, Ljubljana and the government will cooperate on efforts to work out bilateral property issues, the National University Library II project, Science Centre, road widening projects, investment into a cycling network in the Ljubljana Marshes, and a construction of two underground tunnels under the government Gregorčičeva Street and Erjavčeva Road.

Janković also commented on relations between the municipality and Prime Minister Janez Janša, saying they could probably not be described as normal.

He added though he welcomed what seemed to be Janša's decision to let his ministers cooperate with Ljubljana, noting it was obvious Janša had also given the go-ahead for the agreement.

The Ljubljana mayor also announced the flags of EU member states and Ljubljana city that had been raised in front of the parliament building to mark Slovenia's presidency of the Council of the EU would remain even after the Slovenian presidency spell ends.

The municipality has received numerous requests from the citizens to keep the flags and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage has approved this, so "the flags and flag poles are here to stay", Janković said.


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