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Two doses of AstraZeneca needed for Covid certificate compliance

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Ljubljana - The government has amended a decree on temporary measures to reduce risk of infection and the spread of coronavirus infections by changing a Covid certificate requirement for those who have got an AstraZeneca jab. Two doses of the vaccine will be required to heed the vaccinated-recovered-tested rule instead of just one as was the case so far.

Under the decision made at Friday's correspondence session, the decree sets out that to produce a valid Covid certificate one must be either tested, recovered from Covid-19 or vaccinated with two doses of an approved Covid-19 vaccine, including AstraZeneca, or of mix-and-match Covid vaccines.

Covid certificate compliance is also achieved by having received the single shot of the Janssen vaccine.

The changed decree will come into force a day after it is published in the Official Gazette, meaning on Tuesday, except for the part covering AstraZeneca-related changes, which will become effective two weeks after Tuesday, or on 14 September.


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