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Profit of Slovenian Henkel subsidiaries slightly down last year


Maribor - The two Slovenia-based subsidiaries of German chemical group Henkel recorded a combined EUR 81 million in revenue and over EUR 4 million in net profit last year. While the production company Henkel Maribor saw a slight drop in revenue, the revenue of the sales company Henkel Slovenija increased. Profit was down in both companies.

Cosmetics and cleaning products maker Henkel Maribor, which employs about 500 people, generated over EUR 39 million in revenue last year, which is almost level with the year before.

The company, which sells most goods within the global corporation, but also on the Slovenian market and other foreign markets, posted a net profit of almost EUR 2 million, which is slightly lower than the year before.

The management led by Christof Vollstedt said in the annual report that despite the challenging business situation and unstable markets, the company had performed well and met its targets.

Henkek Slovenija, whose 30 employees sell cosmetic products, detergents and glues outside the corporation in Slovenia and to distributors in Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, recorded EUR 42.5 million in revenue at the end of 2020, which is over a million more than in 2019.

CEO Ċ½eljko Smodlaka said revenue had increased despite the challenging situation on the market in line with plan on all three business segments - cosmetics, glues and technologies, and cleaning products.

In Slovenia, the company generated almost EUR 36 million in revenue, which is almost a million and a half more than the year before, mainly due to a rise in the sale of industrial products. The sale of products and services in other countries of the region remained virtually flat.

The company's net profit reached almost EUR 2.3 million, which is some EUR 1.5 million less than in 2019.


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