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South Stream Preparations Running Well


The president agreed with Miller that all issues that might come up in relation to the project must be resolved quickly and successfully, Türk's office said in a press release.

They highlighted the strategic importance of natural gas environmentally-friendly source of energy and touched on the wider cooperation between the EU and Russia in energy.

As the supply of gas is becoming increasingly important part of this cooperation, they agreed that the issue should be included in the EU-Russia strategic partnership

"There are opportunities for this; the experience with the already implemented North Stream are encouraging as is the progress in the preparations for the South Stream," Türk's office said.

The pair also discussed the possibility of organising a high-level conference featuring all countries taking part in the South Stream project.

They also touched on the planned setting up of a joint Slovenian-Russian company in March that will be in charge of the Slovenian section of the pipeline.

A further step in this direction was made by Miller and the boss of Slovenian gas supplier Plinovodi, Marjan Eberlinc, today, as the pair signed an annex to the agreement on the incorporation of the joint venture Južni tok Slovenija.

This concludes the preparations for the setting up of the company and defines all key phases and the scope of the project on Slovenia's territory, Plinovodi said in a press release.

Miller was also received by PM Janez Janša in the morning.

Gazprom decided in January to move the beginning of construction works on the South Stream from 2013 to December 2012. While the final route is not determined yet, the pipeline is expected to run through Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia and Hungary.

However, apart from the four, Greece, Croatia and Austria have also signed international agreements on cooperation. In December 2011, Russia signed an agreement with Turkey and at the beginning of February with Montenegro as well.

The gas pipeline, which is to cost some EUR 16.5bn and enable the transport of 63 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year, is expected to be finished in 2015.


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