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Logar sees 16th BSF as new benchmark


Bled - Foreign Minister An┼że Logar said the high-level participation in the 16th Bled Strategic Forum had set a new benchmark and showed how joint efforts could be leveraged to further affirm Slovenia in the international arena.

"The BSF has become the pride of Slovenian diplomacy," Logar told the press, noting over 16 years the forum had hosted over 100,000 conference participants and 30 heads of state and government - of which 14 this year.

"The BSF exceeded expectations with international participation," he said, adding that it also showed that with the participation by all foreign policy stakeholders, active diplomacy could "achieve important strides in a year and a half in affirming Slovenia in international currents."

According to Logar, the international participation in this year's events would make it easier for Slovenia in the future to "approach future interlocutors".


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