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SDS presents resolution to condemn all totalitarianisms


Ljubljana - The ruling Democrats (SDS) have presented a draft declaration with which the party would like the National Assembly to support the European Parliament's 2009 resolution on European conscience and totalitarianism, which condemns all totalitarian regimes.

The resolution amounts to democratic development, while victims of totalitarian regimes deserved respect, MP Branko Grims told the press on Thursday.

The SDS meanwhile told the STA that the draft declaration had not yet been filed to parliament as it was being harmonised with its coalition parters.

This will be the fifth time the SDS files such a declaration to parliament, with its latest attempt turned down in the National Assembly in March 2019.

The resolution on European conscience and totalitarianism was passed in April 2009 to condemned totalitarian crimes and spearhead debate on the totalitarian crimes of the 20th century. The resolution also called for several measures to strengthen public awareness of totalitarian crimes.

Grims said it was important because it treated all totalitarianisms equally as "heinous and wicked", and deserved "all support" because it "represents a basis for democratic development".

The SDS would like the National Assembly to pass the declaration to "explicitly and permanently" reject all totalitarian regimes regardless of the ideology on which they are based, said Grims.

In his view, it is ever more important for the National Assembly to reach a unanimous opinion on the resolution because in the past, what totalitarianism amounts to has been often interpreted wrongly.

He said a mistake had often been made in the past to create an impression that a certain totalitarianism "was justified, tolerated or even glorified because it was based on good intentions".

"No totalitarianism, regardless of the ideology it is based on, can be tolerated. Evil must be fought against. Evil must be fully rejected," said Grims.

The MP also stressed that the victims of totalitarian regimes should be shown respect and recognition and provided rehabilitation.


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