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Cinematheque to show Marc Recha, Abbas Kiarostami in new season


Ljubljana - The Slovenian Cinematheque is entering a new season with great panache, not just when it comes to its film programme but also in relation to its exhibition venue and publishing and preservation efforts. The pinnacle of the new season will be films by Catalan Spanish filmmaker Marc Recha and Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami.

Recha and Kiarostami's films will be shown in October and November.

The Cinematheque will screen both feature-length masterpieces by Kiarostami (1940-2016), the most influential Iranian director following the country's 1979 revolution, as well as his shorts, which had a profound impact on his mature work.

Recha, a self-taught director and a regular at major festivals, will visit the Cinematheque in October, a press release reads.

In mid-November the Autumn Film School will bring an international conference to Ljubljana to discuss film education in schools featuring many European experts.

The Cinematheque will wrap up 2021 with a premiere of a new score by Andrej Goričar composed for the silent classic Erotikon by Czech director Gustav Machaty (1929) and starring Slovenia's Ita Rina.

Next year, retrospectives will include features by Italian auteur Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) and films documenting the situation on the former Yugoslav-Italian border during the 1945-1954 period, among others.

In September 2022, the avant-garde cinema will screen Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke's body of work, honouring his 80th birthday. It is possible the director will also visit Ljubljana on the occasion.

A number of exhibitions are also in store at the Cinematheque, including displays paying homage to Slovenian filmmaker France Štiglic (1919-1993), the centenary of Pasolini's birth, and the 70th anniversary of Slovenian animated film.

In the next two years, the Cinematheque will step up digitalisation efforts in a bid to restore Slovenia's film heritage in cooperation with the Slovenian Film Centre and Film Archive.

Next year will also see events marking the 60th anniversary of the Cinematheque's magazine Ekran and the release of publications dedicated to Slovenian screenwriter and critic Silvan Furlan (1953-2005) and the era of Yugoslav cinema from the 1970s onwards as seen by Croatian film director Rajko Grlić.


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