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Slovenian "post-apocalyptic design" displayed at Milan Show


Milan - Slovenian designers will have 30 products exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2021, which starts today, presenting their view of how we will live in the future given the "inevitable apocalypse heralded by viruses and climate-related disasters".

The exhibition [Tunel 29] - Design for a Post-Apocalyptic World brings a selection of products "that dare to look beyond the present and predict how we will live in twenty or thirty years' time", said the Centre for Creativity, the producer of the exhibition.

Design for a post-apocalyptic world looks into three dimensions of living: housing, production and food.

The projects in the first segment tackle mobility, the need for intimacy and basic functionality of living such as sleeping, excretion, storage.

The production segment showcases DIY projects, being largely based on recycling, while the third part focuses on products that facilitate efforts for growing your own food.

The Centre for Creativity, which is part of the Slovenian Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), said the exhibition aims to take people out of their comfort zones and find design solutions for the reality we are already living.

The products were selected based on an open call by a commission of architects, designers and curators, including Mika Cimolini, who heads the Centre for Creativity.

A promotional event organised as part of Slovenia's EU presidency, the exhibition is a collaboration with the culture and foreign ministries and the Slovenian embassy in Italy.


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