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Government to Financially Disburden Economy


"We would like to step in the direction of a more competitive business environment already in the first year of the term," Žerjav said after a meeting focused on the current economic conditions and measures for jump-starting the Slovenian economy.

GZS president Samo Hribar Milič meanwhile said that a number of businesses were doing well, but all were faced with certain issues, including illiquidity, lacking recognition in the world and certain development issues.

"I wish we could find a solution which would secure sufficient support for the needed changes with greater flexibility of the labour market on one hand and a different protection of those that would lose their jobs as well as different employment policies on the other," he said.

Hribar Milič said that Slovenia needed the changes the government had proposed in the coalition agreement and that those changes should be introduced as soon as possible to ensure the financial stability and boost Slovenia's credibility on the financial markets.

He would like to see changes enabling new economic development and less red tape, attracting foreign investors and securing greater security and reforms of the labour market, pension system and healthcare.

Žerjav moreover announced several measures for financial disburdening of the economy, whose worth would amount to some EUR 150m, according to Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič.

He stressed that the government would tackle the competitiveness issues by disburdening the economy tax-wise, while his ministry will have certain other measures available.


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