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EU Commission and ECB Welcome Fiscal Measures


Šušteršič told the press that he had acquainted the delegation with plans to find a strategic partner for the NLB bank, the introduction of a golden fiscal rule in the Constitution and the guidelines for the 2012 supplementary budget.

The visit was aimed at establishing the situation in the Slovenian financial sector. Representatives of the ECB and the European Commission, who will also be in Slovenia on Friday, are mostly visiting Slovenian banks, including the central bank, Šušteršič explained.

The mission is a part of the analysis of Slovenia and some other EU member states, which according to the European Commission have to be assessed due to the risks of macroeconomic imbalances such as loss of competitiveness, high debt or asset bubbles.

Šušteršič said that a formal mission of the EU was to pay a visit to Slovenia next month. He expects a serious review of Slovenia's economic policy and certain recommendations and proposals.

Today's visit by EU officials was met by a protest by the Slovenian Occupy 15o movement.

About 50 protesters walked from their encampment in front of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange to the headquarters of Slovenia's largest bank, NLB, to protest against austerity imposed by the "European dictatorship".

"Speculations of banks and financial markets are destroying public services such as education and healthcare, and are pushing large numbers of people into poverty and despair," the protesters have said.

They stressed today's visit was not a benevolent call, but an attempt to fortify the dogma of austerity that is being imposed all over Europe by the political elites under the "baton of financial institutions and corporations".

The Occupy 15o movement also called for further action against Slovenian and European banks, including an occupation of the ECB in Frankfurt, Germany, between 17 and 19 May.


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