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MEP Zver becomes Presidential Candidate


The former education minister expects a tough election battle, which is how it should be, according to him. "Only that way can the citizens have a good choice," he told the press.

The SDS's decision to put forward its own candidate was expected, considering that it is the biggest government party, Zver said.

He considers being the party's candidate a great privilege and he said he had promised to the council he would give his best to win the SDS the presidential post after five failed attempts. He is also counting on the support of the junior coalition New Slovenia (NSi).

He feels his candidacy was not announced too early and hopes that other candidates will soon follow suit to give the citizens an opportunity to get to know them better.

Born in Ljubljana in 1962, Zver holds a doctoral degree in political science and has been a lecturer of sociology at the Maribor Faculty of Management and Economics. He was a government adviser between 1992-1994, as well as a member of the National Council and an MP.

He served as minister of education and sport in the 2004-2008 term of the Janez Janša government and was elected MEP in June 2009.


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