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Pahor, Poklukar and advisory group urge over-50s to vaccinate

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Ljubljana - President Borut Pahor, Health Minister Janez Poklukar and several members of the government Covid advisory group held a discussion on Friday regarding the epidemic. They called for vaccination, especially for all over 50 years of age, with Poklukar announcing that the government could declare an epidemic again if deemed necessary.

Minister Poklukar pointed out that people of all ages, including young people, are being treated in hospitals, with the average age of patients around 60 years. He urged everyone over 50 to be vaccinated.

However, Poklukar stated there has been an increase in the number of people opting for vaccination in recent days, with around 24,000 people vaccinated so far this week.

Pahor also urged all citizens who have not yet done so to consider getting vaccinated, particularly those aged 50 and over, as they are considered an especially vulnerable group.

"By doing so, you are not only protecting yourself, but also your children," the president stressed. He also called for tolerance, saying that "we can overcome the epidemic only if we work together."

"I understand that people have different views, but experts say that vaccines are safe and we need to trust in science," Pahor added, warning that time is running out, as health workers are already under a lot of pressure.

Bojana Beović, an infectologist and member of the government advisory group, stressed that the purpose of vaccination is to maintain an open and functioning society, highlighting schools as a large part of that.

"We need to be responsible and ensure that schools stay open by vaccinating," she urged and recommended self-testing for children.

The fact that about half of the population in Slovenia has been vaccinated is considered a success by Beović, given the general attitude towards vaccination.

According to government data published on Thursday, 53% of people in Slovenia over 18 and 65% of people over 50 years of age have been fully inoculated so far.

Meanwhile, Poklukar explained that declaring an epidemic is a possibility, but only as a measure of last resort. He declined to speculate if or when this would be necessary.


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