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Tribute paid to victims of 9/11


Ljubljana - Foreign Minister An┼że Logar paid tribute to the victims of the 11 September terrorist attacks on Saturday alongside Susan Falatko, the charge d'affaires at the US Embassy in Ljubljana, as he affirmed Slovenia's commitment to the prevention of terrorism and radicalisation.

Logar said it was not just the US that was attacked twenty years ago, the attack also targeted the trans-Atlantic alliance and everyone who swears by the values of peace, security, freedom, dignity and tolerance, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

According to Logar, violence of such horrendous proportions demanded a resolute response and Slovenia joined the fight against terrorist, being a country dedicated to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom and an advocate of the rule of law and respect of human life.

The minister said Slovenia remained deeply committed to the prevention and terrorism and radicalisation, placing special emphasis on the fight against terrorism in Western Balkans.

While great progress has been made in fighting terrorism since the attack, the threat continues to change and evolve, which requires adjusting and enhancing anti-terrorism efforts, said Logar, noting that Slovenia would continue to cooperate closely with the US and other allies in the protection of collective values and collective security.


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