The Slovenia Times

Electorate Still in Flux


The SDS now holds a commanding lead with 24.6%, up 2.2 points over February, widening its lead over runner-up PS, which lost three points to 17.3%.

The SocDems in third are still biting at the heels of the PS, but they lost nearly a point compared to a month ago to 16%.

The coalition SLS more than doubled its ranking to 8.8%, its best result in years.

The Pensioners' Party (DeSUS), plagued by a scandal over an MPs fake high school diploma, saw its rating nearly halved to 1.5%.

The two remaining coalition partners, the Virant List and New Slovenia (NSi), are just over the 4% mark.

Some 12% of respondents were undecided and an equal share would not vote.


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