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Tonin says no stable government possible without NSi


Žužemberk - The coalition New Slovenia (NSi) held its annual informal gathering in Žužemberk on Sunday, with its president Matej Tonin saying that the key achievements of the government were the key achievements of the NSi ministers. He noted that it was not possible to build a stable government without cooperation in the centre and without the NSi.

"The NSi did not enter this government out of love, but to be responsible and commit itself to realising our programme. There are no friends in politics, so we can rely only on ourselves," said the defence minister.

According to Tonin, the party's assignment is to strengthen dialogue and normality. "The loud minority on the left and right cannot hold the entire country hostage and poison the atmosphere. If the majority wakes up and reacts loudly, then everything is possible."

Tonin said it was "up to us to wake up this quiet majority and encourage them to come to elections and tell their ambitions and wishes clearly," as he touched on the upcoming general election.

He said that public opinion polls showed stable support and that the NSi would got between seven and nine out of the 90 deputies in the National Assembly in the election. The party currently has seven MPs.

Tonin stressed that it was not possible to build a stable government without cooperation through the centre. "We also know that there will be no future-oriented government capable of taking Slovenia on the path of development without the NSi."

A government headed by the NSi would focus on visions and not ideology, and no one will be asked what they believed in, but whether they believe in a free, just and safe Slovenia, he added.

The goal is to take Slovenia among the five most developed EU member states and all parties are invited. "The question is who will help the NSi build a normal and future-oriented Slovenia."

Tonin also discussed the Covid-19 epidemic at the gathering of the conservative Christian party, saying that he himself believed in science and that there was no reason to believe Facebook posts more than the opinion of his personal physician.

He added that no one could ensure 100% safety anywhere, including when it comes to vaccines, while calling on the NSi members to be an "example, vision and path towards normality."


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