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Slovenia just below EU average in participation of adults in education


Ljubljana - In 2020, 14.3% of Slovenians aged 15 or more participated in education and learning programmes, which is just below the EU average, the Statistics Office said on Monday. The percentage has been dropping and is the highest among the young, decreasing with age.

The highest share was recorded in the 15-25 age group, at 76.6%, while in the 25-49 group, it drops to 10.9%. But the lowest share was recorded in the 50 plus group, at only 3%.

While the young were mostly included in formal education, others mainly participated in informal learning programmes.

The share of Slovenians aged at least 15 who participated in formal or informal education and learning programmes in the last four weeks before the poll dropped by 8% in 2020 compared to 2010. The biggest drop was recorded in the 2020 pandemic year.

The share of 65-74-year-olds included in lifelong learning programmes also decreased significantly in 2020, to 1.9%.

In the last decade, it stood the highest in 2013, when 5.5% of Slovenians from this age group participated in at least one form of education.

Last year, 8.4% of adults (aged between 25 and 64) participated in formal and/or informal education and learning programmes, which is the lowest share in the last decade, and just below the EU average of 9.2%.

Adults who have completed secondary education are the group with the lowest participation in lifelong-learning programmes (at 10.9%), while those with primary school are the group with the highest (at 24.1%). The share for those with tertiary education topped 14%.

The share of people participating in education programmes is the lowest among the self-employed, at 7.1%, and the highest among the inactive (students aged 15 or more), at 19.2%. The share among the unemployed is at 10.3% and among the employed at 11.1%.


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