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Minister Šušteršič not For Sale


Rado Pezdir was endorsed by Gorenak in his efforts to disclose and prosecute attempted corruption. Police will carry out all measures in their jurisdiction, a press release from the ministry reads.

The move comes after Pezdir disclosed in a column for business paper Finance last week that he had been approached with offers of money to influence Minister Šušteršič, generating a media frenzy.

Arguing that he was "not for sale", he went on to disclose how he feels influence peddling in Slovenia works, claiming that whenever a new government assumes office "a mass march of briefcases of money heading towards the ministries begins".

Pezdir has so far refused to name any names in public, for which he has garnered considerable criticism, but news portal has reported that he gave names to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the police outfit in charge of serious crimes.

He was also interviewed last week by the Corruption Prevention Commission, which has said it would launch an inquiry and release the specific names when the time is right.


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