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Man falls off cliff in Strunjan


Strunjan - Police and paramedics came to the aid of a 54-year-old man who had fallen off a cliff near Strunjan on Monday evening while taking a walk with his partner, according to the Koper Police Department. The man was injured, but found alive and conscious.

The injured man's partner later explained that they had been walking along a path by the sea, using their mobile phones as a source of light, then missed their path and walked towards a cliff.

The man first slipped down the cliff about five metres and then fell onto the rocky beach. His partner immediately informed the emergency services.

The rescue mission was further complicated by limited access to the beach, so the police and the paramedics had to reach the injured man by sea.

The man was found alive and conscious. The police had transported him by boat to the shore, from where he was taken to the Izola General Hospital.


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