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Delo says EU dependent on political will of member states

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Ljubljana - Commending on the State of the Union address by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Delo says in Thursday's front-page commentary that visions and proposals are not enough in the realism of European politics, as it depends mainly on the will of member states how the bloc will function.

The speech has shown that there is a clear line between the great ambition and the feasible in the complicated processes within the EU, the newspaper says under the headline Dependent on Political Will.

The main problem is that the lack of political will blocks many projects - six years after the outbreak of the migrant crisis, member states are still trying to find consensus on the future asylum system.

With the address, Von der Leyen tried to satisfy the interest both of political groups and of member states, but when it comes to the green transition, true complications will arise when obligations of member states are put on the table.

"The inconvenient decision on what to do with the sinners, such as the governments in Budapest and Warsaw, who trample on the common values, is also looming," Delo adds.

The European Commission, which is supposed to have a geo-political prefix, is still looking for its strategic compass in the shadow of the pandemic. Control is in the hands of member states, and it depends on their will how the EU will function.


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