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Seven officers injured during Wednesday's rally, nine rioters apprehended


Ljubljana - Seven police officers were injured and several police vehicles damaged on Wednesday after an initially peaceful protest against the Covid pass mandate turned violent. Nine rioters were apprehended, police said.

Police broke up the rally after protesters started throwing bottles, rocks and lit torches at police and the Parliament House, breaking a dozen windows on the building. Tear gas and a water cannon were deployed.

Police Commissioner Anton Olaj told the press today that freedom of expression and assembly was a legitimate right, but it must be exercised without violence.

"We condemn all violence, including the conduct of protesters at yesterday's rally in Ljubljana, where mass violations of law and order occurred."

He said more such incidents were expected. "We are ready and will continue to act as demanded by the law." He said everyone who organises rallies must realise that they will be held accountable in the end, which includes covering the costs.


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