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PCT rule being narrowed to PC rule for civil servants

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Ljubljana - The government has adopted changes to the Covid pass mandate under which state administration employees will need to be either Covid-19 reconvalescent or vaccinated starting from 1 October. It has also added several further exceptions to the recovered-vaccinated-tested (PCT) rule, including teenagers younger than 15.

The decision, taken by the correspondence session last night, means that testing will no longer be admitted for civil servants at work as an alternative to vaccination or recent recovery from Covid-19 starting from 1 October.

Meanwhile, exemption from the PCT rule has been extended from children under 12 years of age to those younger than 15.

After a call by the equality ombudsman yesterday, an exemption to the PTC rule will also apply to access to charities and other points providing basic necessities to people in need.

The details of the latest changes to the nearly universal PTC rule, which came into effect on Wednesday, will be presented at a government press briefing later today.


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