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Slovenia gets first batch of EU recovery and resilience funds


Ljubljana - The European Commission paid out the first, EUR 231 million batch of EU funds to Slovenia on Friday as part of the recovery and resilience plan, which is 13% of the total amount Slovenia is to receive. The money will be allocated for sustainable mobility and digital transformation projects.

"Good news for Slovenia. The first disbursement of funds under #NextGenerationEU kick-starts the green and digital transition in the country," the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, wrote on Twitter.

The NextGenerationEU instrument will also invest in better healthcare, for the benefit of all Slovenians, she added.

Finance Minister Andrej Šircelj welcomed the news. "I'm happy that after signing the contract we have received the first funds from the recovery and resilience mechanism. I announced this in July and the expectation was fulfilled.

"This is an important achievement for Slovenia and a big step forward in the implementation of the goals set," Šircelj was quoted as saying by the Finance Ministry.

The European Commission endorsed Slovenia's plan for recovery and resilience at the start of the country's six-month stint at the helm of the Council of the EU at the beginning of July. The plan, worth EUR 2.5 billion, was endorsed by EU member states at the end of July.

In line with the plan, Slovenia is to receive EUR 1.8 billion in grants and EUR 705 million in loans for projects promoting the country's post-pandemic recovery and resilience to future crises.


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