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Dnevnik says SMC is part of political experiment


Ljubljana - The congress of the Modern Centre Party (SMC) marked a new round of an unprecedented political experiment in Slovenia, the newspaper Dnevnik says in Saturday's commentary.

The SMC was founded seven years ago due to discontent with the established political parties, most notably the Democrats (SDS), which was choking Slovenia with austerity measures in the middle of a financial and economic crisis.

The SMC was a result of a protest in the society, which translated into a record breaking election result. Moreover, it was a project that more than 300,000 voters saw as a counterweight to the policy of the SDS and Janez Janša.

Janša himself saw it that way, finding no kind word for the party or its founder, Miro Cerar.

But then, as the right-leaning coalition of Janez Janša was being formed, the party - or what was left of it after a split - forgot about their key political engine - the voters - and decided to pursue their own personal interests, arguing they were saving the homeland in the middle of an epidemic.

When Janša praised Počivalšek on Thursday he did two things: he tanked the stubborn bull for enabling him to return to power and at the same time welcomed him in his camp.

He told Počivalšek that it was only now that he had become independent from the parallel world as it is portrayed by Janša, a world governed by the underground forces and media.

But in fact this is an experiment with which Janša wants to create allies before the election, because it is clear that the SMC and the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) will disappear from the political map.

The Connect Slovenia project will thus merge the SMC with small non-parliamentary parties in hope that they get enough support to help the SDS and New Slovenia (NSi) get a majority in parliament after the election, Dnevnik says under the headline Useful Idiot.


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