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Vaccine uptake accelerates as Covid pass becomes mandatory

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Ljubljana - The Covid pass mandate introduced last week has led to a surge in vaccination. Almost 84,000 shots were administered last week, the highest weekly figure since early June, show data from the national vaccination registry.

The rate of vaccine uptake is however still significantly below the peak of the vaccination drive, when 100,000-plus jabs were delivered into arms each week, according to data published by the tracker

The structure of vaccines has changed substantially as well. The Pfizer/BioNTech jab remains in high demand, but in the past two weeks people have sought out the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires a single jab.

At the same time, demand for the AstraZeneca vaccine, where eight weeks at a minimum must pass between the first and second shot, has plummeted and the vaccine now accounts for a tiny fraction of all shots delivered.

At present 46% of Slovenia's population is fully vaccinated and 52% have received at least one jab. Among adults, the rates are 55% and 61%, respectively.

Official data show Slovenia still has roughly a million doses in stock, enough to deliver at least the first shot to all those who have not been vaccinated yet.


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