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Public divided over mandatory vaccination

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Ljubljana - The Slovenian public is divided over mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 with a poll commissioned by the newspapers Dnevnik and Večer tipped slightly in favour of those supporting a vaccination mandate.

Asked whether they thought a mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 should be imposed, 48.9% answered in the positive and 46.7% in the negative in the Vox Populi poll.

Meanwhile, more than half agree with the recovered-vaccinated-tested (PTC) rule imposed on staff and customers across activities.

Asked about the measure, a combined 52.8% said it was sensible, against 32.5% who thought the opposite; 12.2% opted for the answer neither with another 2.5% undecided.

Among those who support the measure, 28.9% agreed it was absolutely sensible and 23.9% opted for sensible.

However, only 13% believe the Covid pass mandate will be respected and one in five believe people will not stick to the PCT rule while more than 60% believe they will do so partly.

According to Dnevnik, a closer look at how respondents opted on mandatory inoculation shows men favour it more than women and the share of supporters increases with their age. A majority of under 30s are against.

More than half of the respondents living in urban areas are in favour of mandatory vaccination, while a majority of respondents from the countryside oppose the idea.

The poll was conducted by Ninamedia among 700 people between 14 and 16 September.


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