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Slovenia submits Sanremo for nomination in Oscars race


Ljubljana - After a successful international festival run and an announced distribution on three continents, Sanremo by Miroslav Mandić has been selected by a group of experts as the Slovenian entry for a nomination for the best international feature film award at the Oscars 2022, announced the Slovenian Association of Filmmakers.

Sanremo tells the story of Bruno (Sandi Pavlin) and Duša (Silva Čušin), who live in a retirement home. They meet occasionally, spend time together, but always forget that they know each other. Nevertheless, they are always happy to meet each other again.

"Sanremo speaks through soft images that sketch the everyday life of a protagonist who is demented, but very much alive. Just as dementia passes between childhood and old age, so the film reveals life in a nursing home through a mix of playful moments and painful episodes."

"The film's poetic reflection addresses old age and the ailments and illnesses that it brings with respect, patience, sensitivity and warmth," the jury wrote.

Sanremo was the only candidate submitted as Slovenia's representative for an Oscar nomination, but the jury said it had still discussed it, recognised its suitability and confirmed its candidature.

This year's decline in the number of candidates is mainly due to the epidemic of Covid-19 and the consequent adjustment of the distribution channels of films in cinemas, which meant that many films did not meet the eligibility criteria.

The film was produced by Filmostovje and Incipit Films, co-produced by RTV Slovenija and co-funded by the Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film, Mibac, FVG Fondo Audiovisivo and FVG Film Comission.


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