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Diaspora painter Klavdij Palčič dies


Trieste - Klavdij Palčič, a leading ethnic Slovenian artist from Italy, has died aged 81 after a long illness, Primorski Dnevnik reported. He was a politically active member of the minority and presided the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Association for several years.

Alongside his teacher Avgust Cernigoj (1898-1985) and Lojze Spacal (1907-2000), Palcic is considered one of the finest Slovenian artists from Trieste, where he was born in 1940.

He graduated in art in Venice in 1964 and went on to teach art in secondary schools in Trieste and Gorizia, cities with a sizeable Slovenian minority.

In the 1960s he was a member of Raccordosei - Arte Viva, a Trieste art collective, and in the 1970s he founded a graphic art studio.

He also collaborated with several Slovenian and Italian theatres as set and costume designer.

Palčič received the 1984 Prešeren Fund Prize for his painting and set design.


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