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Full e-tolling delayed by two months


Ljubljana - The National Assembly has passed changes to the e-tolling law postponing fully electronic tolling on Slovenian motorways from December 2021 to February 2022. The government drafted the bill after it became clear a delay will occur as the unselected bidders complained over the deal going to Slovakia's Skytoll.

Annual electronic vignettes for cars and six-month e-vignettes for motorbikes will be available in December, it is weekly and monthly e-vignettes that will only become available in February, Infrastructure Ministry State Secretary Aleš Mihelič told the MPs on Wednesday.

The delay results from the review of two complaints filed by the unselected bidders, which were both rejected as unjustified but delayed concluding the contract with Skytoll.

In today's debate, MPs presented various views on the delay, with Ivan Hršak of the opposition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) saying transparency should have precedence over deadlines.

Andrej Rajh from the opposition Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) said it seemed that December would come all too quickly already when the law introducing e-tolling was passed last year. Since it is rare for things to run smoothly within deadlines in Slovenia, "the ministry should have taken this into account".

Democrat (SDS) MP Ljubo Žnidar said that while the reason for the delay was clear, those preparing public tenders should exchange "worst practice" with the National Review Commission to avoid similar complaints.

"In Slovenia it has become almost standard that the unselected bidders complain, which causes lengthy procedures and financial consequences," added Jani Ivanuša from the opposition National Party (SNS).

Just like the opposition Social Democrats (SD), Ivanuša said the delay will not turn the world upside down as the existing stickers remain valid, a view also expressed by the coalition New Slovenia (NSi).

The bill was endorsed in a 50:0 vote.


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