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Youth protesters warning against burning coal, unsustainable traffic

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Ljubljana - Rallies demanding action on climate change were held in several towns around Slovenia on Friday. The organisers, the Youth for Climate Justice, this time highlighted the issues of burning coal and of unsustainable traffic. They sent their top three demands to national and local decision-makers.

Firstly, they called on the authorities to finally acknowledge the climate crisis and start actively solving it with appropriate and fair measure.

Secondly, they demand that Slovenia stop burning coal by 2030 and that a comprehensive and socially just restructuring of coal regions is carried out.

The third demand is efficient and accessible sustainable mobility.

Protests were held today in at least five cities apart from Ljubljana, including Ljutomer, Maribor, Kamnik, Koper and Gorica. In Ljubljana and Maribor, local demands were formed as well and addressed to the municipalities.

"Since the key role of municipalities in green transition is often overlooked and since most municipalities do not take adequate action against climate change, we focussed on them this year. Climate policy must begin on the local level, in contact with people and communities," the Youth for Climate Justice said.


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