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The revolutionary dining PREMIUM card, with the exclusive culinary guide including more than 100 of the best restaurants in the region.

Every day we make progress in catering, including developing new flavours with culinary experts from around the world. The Alpe Adria region, encompassing Bavaria, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Austria's Carinthia, Croatia, Upper Austria and Slovenia, has always been known for its culinary masterpieces, the finest ingredients, highly ambitious individuals and a mix of various cultural flavours.
In the first issue, the Restaurant Club guide introduces only the best of the Alpe Adria region. We present over 100 carefully chosen restaurants, according to quality, service, price and location. There's an explorer in all of us. For this reason, we have created an easy to use website and mobile web with navigation system, offering the best, particularly for when you are away or on a trip. The Restaurant Club is not just a general guide, it is one of the most advanced restaurant management systems of the world, offering you, dear readers, amazing savings and a lot of pleasure, more than you have ever had before.
Restaurant Club introduces four products which offer numerous options for the pleasure of you and your loved ones.
The Premium programme, with its black pages, is for the most pretentious gourmet and includes the annual membership card with exclusive discounts of up to 20% and luxurious service from staff in every restaurant. Premium users also get all the Explorer programme bonuses.
The Explorer programme, with its white pages, is for all those who love quality food, includes the annual membership card which offers 2 for 1 discounts and makes it possible to visit the finest restaurants at the most reasonable prices with minimum limitations.
The Explorer coupons are for culinary explorers who only visit restaurants occasionally but still get most of it at a reasonable price.
The Gift programme of the Restaurant Club is for everyone you give gifts too. It offers a wide range of locations and flavours to the value of the gift voucher.
Last but not least, the Restaurant Club is a system assuring more guests for restaurants, increasing their income and introducing savings with a modern marketing approach using the latest technology; web, mobile phones, Facebook and Google. Everything that used to be unattainable for most restaurants is in the entire system of the Restaurant Club. Restaurant Club is an individual project and restaurant network, entry is free of charge for all catering employees. The only criteria is the quality of service and food. We believe in only one future, where all the good, tasty and free things lead to success. Bon appetit!
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The Cubo restaurant, on Šmartinska cesta in Ljubljana, offers amazing Mediterranean specialities. Their unique menu is changed every month to assure only the best of the season. From their premium culinary offering, guests can enjoy a wide selection of sinfully delicious desserts. In a pleasant and warm ambience, visitors are served by the lovely staff and professional gourmet masters. Definitely a restaurant not to be missed!

Pikol, a family run restaurant where guests can experience an explosion of wonderful tastes. Superior fish specialties, indigenous premium wine and wonderful nature will make this an unforgettable experience. Guests are strongly recommended to visit this restaurant for a culinary treat in beautiful surroundings, served by kind staff.

The Pri Mari restaurant is located in the coastal town of Piran. This place attracts traditional littoral and Venetian food lovers of fish and meat specialties. Mara's delights are not to be missed and Tomaž is always at the guests' disposal for some suitable wine recommendations. At Pri Mari, the house specialties are a must!

The Istranova restaurant is perfect for all who are longing for indigenous cuisine, a cup of aromatic coffee, a glass of a good wine and adore looking at a distant horizon of olive trees. A perfect place to lunch, Istranova creates a story of partnership and friendship and is located in Slovenian Istria. Welcome to a place where time has stopped!

In the centre of Novigrad stands the restaurant, Pepenero. Its space is filled with a gastronomic symphony under the guidance of Marin Rendić. Only fresh produce is used every day and the utmost care is given to the appropriate choice of olive oils and the highest quality salts, resulting in a distinct taste impression for the guest - it is a definite return.

In the picturesque town of Verteneglio awaits the numerously awarded San Rocco Hotel. There you will find the finest Adriatic fish, truffles, mushrooms and game, complemented by more than 200 premium quality wines. San Rocco also offers an olive oil cart and dish-based recommendations. In the summer, there's an outer terrace with a panorama of the gorgeous Istrian countryside.

Gourmet guide including the 100 best restaurants in the region

The gourmet guide presents quality restaurants in the region on more than 200 pages with photos and a range of information. In the selection of restaurants you will find well known names in your area and hidden gems, acclaimed chefs or chefs you may not heard of before. The guide takes you on a journey, enjoying a mix of ambience and carefully selected wines in the restaurant of your choice. It is easy to search by region, type of cuisine or other information and it includes maps that will be of great assistance in discovering new culinary experiences.

Restaurant selection

Restaurants included in the Premium programme are carefully selected according to several criteria, but dominated by two - absolute excellence in cuisine for its price range and friendly staff. The criteria is verified by the editorial team of the Restaurant Club, at our own expense, and to ensure complete objectivity in evaluation we surveyed a number of websites, which we then combined with the impression of individuals.

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