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Opposition's post-election deal endorsed by all four parties


Ljubljana - The top bodies of three of the four centre-left opposition parties which have finalised an agreement on post-election cooperation unanimously endorsed the document at their respective sessions on Saturday, while the fourth party did so earlier this week.

The Alenka Bratušek Party's (SAB) council unanimously endorsed the agreement on cooperation after the next general election on Tuesday, when it was initialled by all four party leaders. Today, the top bodies of the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ), the Left and the Social Democrats (SD) followed suit.

The content of the agreement has not been revealed yet. It will be presented at a news conference on Tuesday following its signing, the Left said in Saturday's release.

The idea for a post-election alliance was put forward by LMŠ leader and former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec in August.

He proposed three main points the parties should agree on: to normalise Slovenia, to form a government without the Democrats (SDS) and the parties supporting them, and that a prime minister-designate will be put forward by the participating party which has won the most votes.

The Left's leader Luka Mesec said in today's release that "the agreement is the foundation stone on which to form a government which will have to take the country out of the chaos in which it found itself due to the Janez Janša government's destructive, anti-democratic and far-right policies".

He believes the deal is also the basis to "decisively set out social change to boost democracy, decarbonisation and green transition, and economic and social justice".

SD leader Fajon said in a statement to the press that the SD unanimously decided today to strike a political agreement on cooperation with the opposition parties. She would like the parties to jointly and responsibly lead Slovenia towards a better and more sincere future.

"We cannot reconcile that we have lost so many people in the epidemic due to the destructive and hostile government which has pushed Slovenia into chaos," said Fajon, adding that the party would present its election platform in two weeks' time.


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