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Govt meeting for budget session


Ljubljana - The government is meeting this evening to discuss the budgetary documents for 2022 and 2023 which must be sent to parliament by 1 October.

The government decided back in spring that extraordinary coronavirus circumstances, which enable departures from the fiscal rules governing budget deficit, will still apply in 2022, whereas gradual balancing of the budget will kick in in 2023.

The National Assembly passed the budget for 2022 last November, but now the government proposes raising the spending ceiling by EUR 701.5 million to EUR 13.30 billion.

In 2023, the spending is planned to drop to EUR 13.05 billion.

Institutions were tasked with drawing up proposals for changes to the 2022 state budget and for a draft 2023 state budget by 15 August.

Now their wishes and plans are to be included in the budget proposals and submitted to parliament.

The government adopted guidelines for changing the 2022 state budget and for drafting the 2023 budget at the end of May.

The goal is for deficit to drop to 4.9% of GDP in 2022 and to 3.6% of GDP in 2023.

At the time it announced that the focus would be on post-Covid recovery measures supported by EU funds from the recovery and resilience facility.


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