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Two-thirds of Slovenian households loan-free in 2020


Ljubljana - Just over one out of three Slovenian households (36%) had at least one loan or instalment purchase to repay last year, excluding mortgage on their home, and about half reported making just as much to make ends meet without having to borrow or saving anything, according to a report by the Statistics Office.

Household expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages at home averaged EUR 306 in a typical month, ranging from EUR 208 per single-member households to EUR 404 for households of five or more members, the report shows.

Households also spent an average EUR 88 per month on food and drinks in restaurants, EUR 9 on public transport, EUR 225 on private transport.

The report also shows that 6% of households fell late in paying their non-housing bills such as telephone bills, internet, TV, kindergarten, school meals or health insurance, at least once in the past 12 months before the survey in 2020.

Out of the 36% households that had a loan or instalment purchase, more than half (52%) were repaying loans or leasing for a car or other means of transport.

Among the households repaying loans, 26% had just one loan, 8% had two and 3% had three or more; 69% had at least one loan from a bank or other financial institution.

The average monthly amount they had to repay was EUR 260.

In a survey, 49% of households estimated they had just enough money to make ends meet, without saving anything or having to live off their savings or having to borrow.

Meanwhile, 45% of households managed to put some money aside in a typical month, while 3% lived on their savings, and just as many had to borrow money.

Also, 17% of households reported having no savings. Among those who had, 56% reckoned they can keep up the same standard of living using only savings for a maximum of two months.


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