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Slovenia's spending on coronavirus vaccination at EUR 57m

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Ljubljana - The government has so far earmarked EUR 56.97 million for vaccination against Covid-19, of which EUR 39.79 million for the purchase of vaccines and EUR 17.17 million to organise and carry out the vaccination, the Health Ministry has told the STA. Both costs are covered from the state budget.

The vaccines are bought directly by the state, while the cost of vaccination services is charged by vaccination providers to the ZZZS public health fund, which then sends the bill to the Health Ministry.

Data from the National Institute of Public Health show that 53% of Slovenia's residents have so far been vaccinated with one shot and 47% have been fully immunised.

The country has been delivered 2,986,680 doses of vaccines against Covid-19, with 1,978,307 already having been used.

The majority of residents have received the vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, followed by AstraZeneca's, Moderna's and Johnson&Johnson's.

Broken down by gender, slightly more women than men got vaccinated, while Zasavje, east of Ljubljana, is the region with the highest share of vaccinated residents (58% vaccinated with one and 52% with both shots). The coastal region has the lowest share (49% against 44%).

The 70-74 age group has the largest share of vaccinated (83% vaccinated with one shot), while the age group of those up to 17 has the lowest, but vaccination is approved only for youth aged at least 12. Among the adults, the lowest vaccination share has been recorded in the 25-29 age group.


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