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Electronic communication service revenue down 2% last year


Ljubljana - Revenue from electronic communication services in Slovenia amounted to slightly more than one billion euro last year, or 2% less then in 2019. Users sent fewer SMS and more MMS messages and there were more calls in the home network, while calls to international networks were down. Investments increased by 23%.

At the end of 2020, there were 13 operators of fixed telephony network and seven mobile operators on the Slovenian market.

The number of providers of cable and satellite services increased to 53, while the number of providers of internet services decreased to 55, the Statistics Office has reported.

Total revenue from electronic communication services last year amounted to EUR 1.066 billion, of which 45% was accounted for by revenue from the public fixed telephony network.

Revenue from publicly available mobile telephony services accounted for 32%, revenue from inter-network connections 11% and other revenue 12% of total revenue.

The value of investments in electronic communication systems last year amounted to EUR 284 million, which is 23% less than in 2019. The number of employees and self-employed in the industry was up by 6% to around 6,200.

Compared to 2019, mobile and fixed telephony traffic was up by 20% and 4%, respectively, while there was less traffic with international networks, with mobile traffic dropping by 14% and fixed traffic by 15%.

The number of SMS messages sent by users of Slovenian mobile networks was down by 11% and the number of sent MMS messages dropped by 17%. Data transfer through broadband mobile access was up by 47%, the office said.


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